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Your Tuesday's becoming a passionate affair, your love life takes the center stage, and before you know it someone could enter your heart through the front door.

You'll happily welcome a new direction and get ready for the times about to come. You feel like breaking routine a little, and having some surprises around you sounds good as well.

The Moon gives you a sense of emotional warmth that really helps to strengthen your bonds, and as a couple, you can feel the flames of your bed coming back alight. The attraction in your eyes will be a feast for your other half.

If you're single, some of you might have an especially sharp imagination to make your crush look your way. Remember that the secret isn't to just blabber all the way, it's also important to listen to what the other person has to say.


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You're on the right time to invest in emerging markets. Be a true pioneer and bet on areas where there aren't many hands on deck yet. They'll be profitable, and whatever discovery you make will be exciting and more than useful.

Aries, your excellent intellect allows you to investigate around you until you get the best chance out there. Your sixth sense will tell you what path should you follow when negotiating. Puff your chest up and project a bigger image: if you believe in yourself, everyone else will.

A sense of jealousy within your family core could create a heated argument on the subject of money. There are pointers of having to make a great expense all together, but not everyone will want to pay up their part because of very different issues.

You'll then have to pull out a heavy hand to break the locks of this situation. Keeping politeness and diplomacy alive will be a real challenge.


You need people to listen to you more, but you'll refuse to admit. Your downfall will be your extreme sensitivity, and any little ailment you experience will see you running to the doctor to get examined.

Our star advice is that, out of generosity, you don't do that: if you overwhelm a medical emergency room for illnesses that are more mental than bodily, you might leave someone who really needs help unattended.