Aries Daily Horoscope for April 9

Your Horoscope for Tuesday

- Love
- Money
- Health
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Venus looks luxurious in your sky today, and if there has been an incident at home (or even you pronouncing the words break up appear), and reconciliation will be in the air, you just have to grab it.

The quarrels will be easy to tone down, while tenderness and sensuality will begin to appear in your life once again, as harmony is what you are looking for.

Those single may feel a bit anxious because they don’t have a stable love life, full of comfort making you feel secure, that the one you love would never try to hurt you. Don’t rush through life and it will happen when the time is right.

Attitude will drop you in the hands of those who are toxic for you especially when you are trying to make a fresh start and establish new roots, searching for freedom instead of a ring or someone asking to take your hand.

If you are living a romance with someone who already has a partner, you will be full of a fake illusion as you wait for that person to leave the other and walk off into the sunset with you. However, this will never happen.


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You wish to go further in your profession, trying to press down harder on the accelerator in order to make more money but even though you put on your seat belt, make sure to put on your hunting boots. It won’t be easy.

However, the stars point out an easy escape down the hill, making it easy to make a mistake and get lost, which will cause a drastic change in your intentions and ambitions.

Don’t get frustrated when you feel obligated to tone it down and take it slow, just try to reinforce your earnings in any other ways you can find.

In the case that you are the team leader, it would be interesting if you listened more to your team followers and design a new strategy that would benefit all of you.


If this Tuesday makes you want to wear sportswear, don’t go too crazy when it comes to exercise and look for professional advice first.

It’s not the same to want to gain muscle mass than to lose some centimetres of the waist and hips, or even strengthening the tension in your muscles.

Everyone is different and each requires different sets of exercises to obtain their goal, so investigate which is best for you.

Please, my dear Aries, avoid seeing the gym machines as torture, specially made to hurt you like in the old days. Their benefits are very broad and if you try them, you will definitely want to repeat.