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It's important to aim high in love, because you're never too happy, Aries. So analyze your situation: do you think you're content with what your partner has to offer?

Inside you there's a pretty big skepticism that tells you that people can't change, that at most they can mutate from temporary aspect to later be the same way they always have been.

So take stock of everything that comes with being in a relationship, and whether you would value more freedom, high and without the feeling of having a yoke on your neck.


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At work, be careful to moderate your spirit of contradiction, as it will be amplified by the negative aspects of the planet Uranus.

Although your work will give you much satisfaction, you will have to make an effort to avoid clashes with your professional environment, especially with someone who is Taurus or Scorpio.

They will not be confrontations with evil, to try to drag your way of doing things, you will simply have equidistant points of view, and the truth, there will be no chance of reaching a central terrain.

Take care of your belongings as well, especially in tumultuous areas, as you are susceptible to theft.


Do you have enough saliva on your tongue? Because today you will have to give explanations, at least, as many as you want.

There is something that you know is not going well in your health, and that you do very little to control it, such as being overweight, or excessive consumption of cigarettes.

People around you are going to worry about you, and they will ask you about it, why don't you take more care of yourself, what are your routines and so many other aspects.

They will do it with the best of intentions, without a doubt, but your patience will be consumed little by little, to the point that there is no trace of it, and there is of the poor that touches it.

Try to keep the good parts of this experience: people love you, you are important in their lives, and you could even be more generous, take more care of your welfare and thus stay more years with those who appreciate you.