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More tolerance and more patience than the rest of mortals in matters of love. This is what you will develop during the journey of this March 9.

At the same time, you will improve the quality of time you spend with your family, and above all, with your partner. You won't feel like experiencing things in the harshest solitude!

Your spirit is quite serene, you want to put your grain of sand into the world, make it more beautiful, without trying to live at the expense of others as do other people who only serve as an example to be avoided.

Singles, moreover, will notice how much more centered they are, more dedicated to living in the present moment.

Because enough of being invaded by our memories and fears, like everything out there waiting for us to enjoy it.


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Ideas must come at the right time, and unfortunately for you, today you will have ingenious proposals difficult to put into practice given that it is Saturday.

There will be elaborate thoughts on how to be enterprising and intuitive, without the need to take unnecessary risks.

Even if you have seemingly irreparable money problems so far, you will be able to design a plan for things to improve drastically.

Everything that goes through your head, that is recorded through notes, record voice messages with your mobile, whatever you want, but do not forget those ideas.


Is your dependence on social networks too high? Because it's good for your health to stop a.s.a.p. and disappear from them.

Analyze the extent to which we live in a digital dictatorship, in which time and immediacy prevail, which feeds a dynamic of narcissism of great size.

The ego can also do a lot of damage if it becomes frustration, a loss of the well-being you deserve.

Enough of excessive correction and of photos taken of oneself in the foreground, and although taking care of oneself in front of the mirror is healthy and necessary, try to attend also to the needs of your soul.

Do not let the desire to look good turn you into a slave of your own image.