Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The wires in your brain seem to be tangled up, as the stars predicted. You will feel a strong attraction to somebody that really gets on your nerves, and that in the past, you couldn't stand at all.

Love is crazy! Nothing is ever just white or black! It is full of colour and choices.

You find it hard to let yourself go, especially because you get shy and embarrassed about admitting your new passion.

If you decide to take a step forward and go for it, do it without hesitating: romances work best this way!

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Some rumours show that you will receive a better job offer. Maybe even a promotion or better pay. An opportunity to move abroad and work as an expert in your field is definitely a dream come true.

This will make you smile so hard that your mouth hurts, but it is always better later than never to realize that nothing comes easy. Make sure your superior explains in detail the new position.

Your attitude will be buried alive, as you get angry due to being lied to about a better job. However, Magic Horoscope will try to put you back in the game.


This Monday starts off full of energy, but you seem to be quite sensitive to smells. You can't stand stinky smells, and they might even give you a headache.

Some perfumes, will wake up your senses and remind you of a family member. This will bring peace to your soul, my dear  Aries, and you will feel that this loved one is looking down on you.

You might have some gallbladder issues, as this organ may develop small stones due to age. It won't be as bad as you think, so don't worry! Your bladder is under your liver and intestines, so you need to keep your digestion under control.