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Aries Forecast for Wednesday 18th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Aries Daily Horoscope |


Your ego, being overwhelmed mentally, and other circumstances make you unable to give your partner everything that they deserve.

You know that this is true, but you prefer to look the other way and pretend that everything's just fine and that this problem is non-existent.

Today, a little birdy will give you reason to believe that your soulmate is living a double life behind your back.

Before you get too upset, ask yourself if any of this could possibly your fault, and consider how you could possibly solve this dilemma in the case that your partner confirms that your suspicions are true.

Pay attention to young family members and particularly their problems related to sleeping and eating habits.


According to the position of the cosmos, you're likely to be met with some kind of social success related to your financial situation.

The cosmos will augment your charm and magnetism, so if you have to close any deals, you'll be able to reach the best conditions for yourself (or your company, if you work for one).

Also, influential people along your path today could be of great assistance to your business; especially if you need financial help for an important project or in order to expand.

Keep an eye on your belongings, because today you'll be highly susceptible to theft in public spaces, and you won't realize that it even happened until hours later.


Cupid seems to have ignored you a bit in love. At least as far as your health goes, you'll be in tip-top shape, that counts for something, right, Aries?

In fact, you'll notice that you have more energy than ever, which will feel like a fresh breath of air.

If you suffered from some sort of problems over the past few days (especially related to your stomach due to gasses or eating something that was expired) you'll see that these will start fading away like sugar in hot water.

It wouldn't hurt to do some gentle aerobic activity, or even yoga, to relax as much as possible.