Magic horoscope yearly 2019 |



Aries' heart in this coming year will attract your attention mysterious but also sensitive people, who have time to love and be loved, but with an unpredictable and fun side.

In the next twelve months you will need your feelings to be perceived at an absolute level, which no one can doubt, and for this you will learn to show your true self.

Your intellect would like to be able to express the intelligence of the heart, although you will not always find the right words for it, and you may even contaminate what you seek to express on more than one occasion.

As far as the family environment is concerned, the Magic Horoscope predicts that you will look for very deep roots in yourself (or perhaps through your parents or relatives). And it is that you seek to express true feelings, but investigating where you come from, to reveal the greatness of your lineage.


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During the first quarter of 2019 the Magic Horoscope points out difficulties in balancing your budget, especially if you had very broken hands in the last months of old 2018. Once the vicissitudes are stories, your combative side will float, and everything will return to order, but gradually; miracles will not happen overnight.

Finally, it is foreseen that during the last semester your forces to face others will be quite weakened, so it will be difficult to impose your will and develop projects.

Try not to be carried away by events, and do not undertake anything during this delicate period, as a way of safeguarding your economy.


Part of your nature is charged with vitality and optimism, and both will forge the armor you will wear throughout 2019.

Within your being there will be a desire to enjoy each moment with intensity, and for that you will worry about taking care of yourself more and better, and the tendency to do things hastily will give way to a wiser calm.

You will learn that patience must be present when it comes to health, that there are problems that cannot be solved in the immediate future, but rather it is a long-distance race.

You will value your improvements in health, and if you have gone to the gym or dieting you will notice the benefits of having released a good ballast of kilos.

You are going to know how to communicate what interests you, and your instinct will guide you to bring out the power in you that will lead you to act more intentionally.