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Full Horoscope for Aries for This Coming Thursday 2nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Thursday
Aries Daily Horoscope |



Why do you put up a shield to keep others from seeing your feelings? And not just your partner, but everyone.

Mars will make you get caught up in a cycle of coldness and secrecy that's not one bit positive, for you or for anyone around you.

Are you having a secret affair that you don't want anyone to know about, by any chance, Aries?

Let your happiness shine, even if in private you show your burning passion, and get into all of the mischief and ideas that your partner proposes to you later on.

A long-term friendship will take an intimate turn if you're single, or you may even be lured in by an irresistible attraction towards someone that seems to be just your type.


The planetary transit indicates that you should continue to delay asking for the raise that you've been waiting for so long for this Thursday. The truth of the matter is that it won't be granted to you as soon as you'd like due to Saturn's obstruction that's getting in the way of your dreams.

You'll be feeling even more deceived since some coworkers in your field, that seem less qualified than you, will receive some sort of substantial and juicy bonus.

On top of this, work will seem quite obnoxious today and you'll be wishing that the hands on the clock would turn faster, but it will seem like time is moving more slowly than ever.

What you can do is choose and simplify your schedule to be more efficient, Aries, and don't get overwhelmed thinking about how terrible everything is.


The temperature changes could be terrible for you, and even end up making you feel a bit dizzy.

Both extreme heat or sudden cold weather will affect you, and your health could end up being highly compromised because of this.

Pay attention, take vitamin supplements to strengthen your immune system, or even natural probiotics or herbal teas that bring health benefits.

Try to make your social life a top priority, you've been letting this go for a while now. Get back in touch with those friends that you see much less than you'd like to.