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Aries Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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The butterflies won’t stop fluttering in your stomach because this week has started out with love, and just the feeling gives you goosebumps all over.

Put this sentiment to good use and show your partner how much you care.

Recently you’ve made a lot of mistakes, and you’ve said things that you instantly regretted as soon as they came out of your mouth. This is your chance to redeem yourself.

An inheritance can divide a family, especially because someone that might claim that they were owed money.

Don’t look for trouble, leave all of this to the professionals. Things should be carried out according to the laws, and there’s no changing that.

Of course, you can still all sit down together and try to work things out fairly. However, beware, people might try to bring up old conflicts in order to get a bigger share than the rest.



Your financial situation could use some improvement. The month will come to an end, and along with it, so will the economic cushion that you’ll have to put towards your expenses. It’s too late to cut back and save, isn’t it?

Don’t forget an experience that you’ll have today at work. Someone that you stood up for will be really appreciative of your actions.

You won’t notice it in this moment, but you’ll receive an encouraging message, a silent cheer, from the person that you helped.

Maybe they’ll leave a note on your desk, or dedicate a few lines to this in an e-mail about another topic… Open your eyes, you’ll see.

Karma exists, and it’s showing you that it has got your back and not just that. But also a coupon, so that someday in the future when you need it most, this person will be there to stick up for you and to value your work.

If everyone had a stronger sense of togetherness, things would change for the better, don’t you think? Too bad everyone’s so self-absorbed.


The muscle pain that you’ve been experiencing will ease up a bit over the course of the day today.

Keep watching your diet, and especially foods that you’re allergic to.

If time permits, get out and take a nice long walk at a leisurely pace.

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