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When you’re writing a love story it’s hard to come up with an end to a chapter, because this implies the end of one adventure and the beginning of another.

You’ve never handled breakups well, you’ve continued to a fairly healthy friendship with the person that you loved, but in the end, everything ends up going against you.

After every romance you need time to morn. This allows you and the other person to make a comeback.

You’ll learn this today the hard way when someone that you spent part of your life with tells you that they still love you. This will catch you off guard, and you’ll have no idea how to act with them from now on.


You’ve been using your credit card a lot, and now, after checking out your balance, you’ll regret your lack of control.

This problem isn’t beyond solving, but this week you’ll have to tighten your belt a little more than usual.

Cut back on all possible expenses. You can start with your vices like tobacco, or that beer that you like to have after work, and then keep going down the shopping list. Also, you can try picking the cheaper brands.

It’s good to promise yourself that you’ll be frugal, but later you may find it hard to stick to your word.

As far as work goes, the unattractive proposals regarding changes in responsibilities or positions that they insist will be for the best for you will start to slow down.

These proposals aren’t as good as they say, listen to your instincts.


The excesses of this weekend could start showing an effect on your body, and because of this, you’ll wake up this Monday more tired than usual.

Eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water to help renew your body, and detoxify yourself from the inside out. This way you can slowly start to get back to your normal state of wellbeing.

Your absentmindedness lately isn’t due to a mental problem, but rather the strange feeling of sadness that you’ve been swallowed up by, but that’s existence you neglect.

You’re not weak if you say that you’re in low-spirits, actually, you’re brave for admitting this.