Aries Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 2nd April by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Monday
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Being afraid that your relationship won’t work out and that you might break up is natural.

When you’re sharing your life with someone, it’s logical that you’d hope to be together until the end of your days, and that you can picture yourselves growing old together.

Fear is one thing, and then there’s something very different called jealousy. Justifying this feeling is as unhealthy as the fear of losing the one that you love.

According to the cosmos, you’ll start out this week with an extreme case of jealousy; it will be very intense and unwarranted. Someone around you will ignite this feeling within you since they’ve been bothering you for a while about this.

Trying to control your partner like your life depends on it won’t have any positive repercussions, Aries. You should realize this by now.

You’re entering a dangerous territory that could end up turning into a spiral of destruction for your relationship. Don’t let your sense of reality be distorted by a prism that makes you see imaginary things.


Are you tired of not finding work where you’re living, are you maybe even getting desperate?

The cosmos point to the job market being saturated in your field. There may even be times when getting a job could be incredibly difficult.

If you’re in need of a radical change, the cosmos suggest that you forge a path outside of the city that you’re living in right now. Have you considered this possibility?

Staying in the same place creates an aura of stability, that can also be confused with conformism, and an unwillingness to fight. Since when are you a conformist, Aries?


The wind’s current could be deceiving today. Be careful not to leave any doors or windows open, if you do, you might end up getting sick.

Be especially careful with your throat, the cold could make it sore.

Try drinking hot beverages, and try not to talk too much to avoid overusing this part of your body.

It’s just one bad day, nothing to worry about.