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Your home has always been your shelter, the place where you’re able to seek refuge from the outside world, hidden from all evil, and comfortable as well.

However, your family situation and love life make it so there are days like today when you feel like it’s more like a boxing ring than your hiding place.

You can choose to defend yourself in two ways: by throwing punches, or the more advisable option, by giving hugs to bring back peaceful times.

Today the cosmos will send you all of the stars’ energy to help you to end the conflict as a mediator, and come to a truce.

Words are very powerful, put the power of dialogue to use in order to stop the arrows from flying.


There is a person that’s doing you harm in financially related matters. You feel like they’re laughing at you, and as you avoid conflict, this makes thing worse.

Watch out, Aries! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…when you talk to this person today, you’ll realize that you’re not much different than they are.

If you examine your conscious you’ll realize that you’ve been doing many things wrong and that it’s time to change.

Seeing your poor economic decisions reflected in this person will help you to start making things right again because you really need to. Ask for advice if need be.


Visual health is something secondary in your opinion, and because of this, you don’t give it the attention that it really deserves.

Today is a good day to see the eye doctor for a checkup because your glasses could probably use an adjustment.

You’ve been feeling dizzy and unwell lately, those intermittent headaches could be related to your vision, but you didn’t think of that until just now.

Also, if you’re diabetic, you should be more concerned about glaucoma, the intraocular pressure that can cause significant vision problems if it’s not treated in time.

Changes in peripheral vision are one of the first noticeable symptoms that can help to identify this disease.