Full Horoscope for Aries for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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When an unpleasant situation occurs in your relationship, you always choose to act as a sponge that absorbs everything and leaves the surface clean and shining.

But the sponge is dirty, it has absorbed all of the filth, and it gets stuck inside. You can’t always have this attitude, because it’s toxic to the relationship.

Today the cosmos will send you a sign so that you’ll change, because if you said things that were bothering you in the moment, they might have an almost immediate solution.

However, you tend to choose to let it all out when you’re upset, Aries. When you’re already tired of taking it without saying a word about what’s happening to you.

Because of this, the comments that you make to your partner are always offensive. You swear at them, while if you’d have said things back when you should’ve, you’d have phrased things much differently.


Patience has its limits and you’re getting close to the edge with an issue at work.

You’re going through a situation that seems totally unfair to you and that could even be illegal in your opinion.

You don’t have to stay quiet any longer out of fear of reprisals. Denounce all of the injustices that you’re witnessing on a day to day basis, all that isn’t being taken care of in the correct fashion.

Also, if you know that your superiors tend to take justice into their hands, try to have witnesses of what they say to you and that could be considered a threat.

Or if not, record it by your own means with your cell phone, and don’t let them get the most of you any more, it’s not appropriate.


Today you’ll be very worried about health, but not your own, but rather a close family member’s. This is a person that is going through a very tough phase recently.

Show them as much love and support as you can because this is what they need the most in order to keep fighting. It’s a hard battle but it’s the kind where there are many opportunities to come out as a winner and soon at that.

Look over your agenda, and while you’re at it, make sure that you don’t have any doctor’s appointments coming up because your mind has been slipping up a lot recently, Aries.