Aries Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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The cosmos propose, or actually, they demand that you do something special today for your partner. Surprise them with something out of the ordinary, they really need this.

When was the last time that you surprised them? You should think of a gift that reminds them of how much you love them and how great your relationship is going.

One good option could be a little photo album. You’re so used to digital photos now that you forget to look back on these moments, that get stuck in a folder on your computer.

Pick out some of the nicest pictures that remind you of the time that you’ve spent together. Maybe one from the trip that you went on together a while back, or from get-togethers with friends, or even a picture from one of your first dates…


Coins and bills aren’t the only forms that money comes in. Time is also money, isn’t it?

Today you’ll spend more time working than usual, much to your dismay, because you had already made plans for right after your shift.

Try to be a little more flexible, be open to spending a little extra time at work without complaining. However, in doing this, make sure that the right person realizes what you’ve done.

And don’t turn this into a habit. One thing is making an exception, pitching in at a specific time, but working extra hours without getting paid more is a different story. Although for today, let it be.


You’re going to have a scare when it comes to your health, Aries. So, be cautious.

You’ll experience a sharp pain in your chest, and this will cause you to panic.

This is nothing serious, it’s not a heart attack or anything of the sort, take a deep breath.

It’s just acid reflux, that can affect your esophagus, which is close to your heart.

This is nothing serious, but if you want, you can make an appointment with your doctor to give you a little peace of mind.