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Aries Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Aries, today Magic Horoscope has a somewhat peculiar recommendation for you. It suggests that today you take a step back in matters of love.

The retrograde will give you enough to experience caring as exchange and cooperation, instead of an endless battle.

Through simple gestures, you'll be able to make the problems in your relationship disappear.

Besides this, today you'll notice that someone - that you don't know very well, but you're aware of their existence - could truly love you, but you won't realize it; at least if you don't look and listen carefully to decipher the signs.

Remember, when a problem comes about with your parents, children or siblings, that life is the way it is and that people are the way they are; don't get sad when you discover that others don't behave how you'd like (by your standards) to think that they should.


Prudence will be essential when it comes to managing your finances and taking the time to come up with a tight budget that you'll have to stick to no matter what.

Have you thought of literally throwing your money out the window by any chance? Because with your absurd purchases and piddling you're basically doing just that.

You should also try to save some cash on your everyday expenses, like filling up your car with gas or at the grocery store.

Check out the items that are on sale that need to be consumed immediately every once in a while, they're just fine to eat and you could get a really good deal.


Your energy levels will increase significantly after the weekend.

Aries, according to Magic Horoscope, you'll be in great physical shape and in a good mood. You'll even like yourself and you'll instinctually know what path to go down.

Not everything is wonderful, unfortunately; on the other side of the coin, your excess energy could end up turning into stress. Take precautions to keep this from happening and to continue being able to make the most of this inner strength.

On the other hand, Pluto's position indicates that you should take care whether you're on the highway, trails, or paths, whether you're on foot or in a vehicle.