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Aries Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Editorial Team


Love: Time to reconsider values

This month you'll reconsider many things because you're starting to realize that your values are misguided since a lot of the time beauty prevails over what's on the inside of people for you.

This has consequences, like confusing love and friendship, especially if someone that shows interest in you is a person that you already know.

Uranus will send you energy to give you the emotional strength that you need to change how you are attracted to people because deep down you want to be in harmony with the universe.

It's also true that over the course of the coming days, your gaze will have an attractive magnetism, but of course, it could end up attracting pest, that you're not interested in in the least, and this would be a waste of time.

You'll give in a bit to your family. You'll grab the bull by its horns, and carry out the obligations that are yours, but that you usually find a graceful way out of.

Money: Don't be a conformist

When you get advice this month on how to grow economically, pay attention and follow this; don't get comfortable with what you have, aspire fearlessly to reach success.

When you start to ascend, be wise and manage things the right way so that expenses that seem to have come from nowhere don't end up neutralizing your earnings.

This July, math won't be your strong point and numbers could end up being all over the place when the time comes to present documents or balance your accounts. Be patient and go over the information so that you don't end up in tears in the future (or end up having to pay late fees).

The cosmos invite you to search for your self-confidence, that you create in everything that you do, have fun going to work and making money.

Also, they demand that you value attitudes and knowledge that are unrelated to your profession but that have everything to do with your way of being and communicating with the world, such as artistic creations.

Health: Use your strength in doses

A stable month is predicted health-wise. You won't go overboard, and you'll just face a few everyday problems.

Of course, as long as you don't do anything crazy and irresponsible that would put your wellbeing and integrity in jeopardy.

You could face problems when it's time to go to the bathroom, but don't do anything silly like taking laxatives without a doctor's advice. Also, avoid overexerting yourself more than necessary; this could lead you to bigger problems than you already have.

Learn to use your strength in doses, this way you avoid the constant coming and going of energy, and this way you can plan your day with more ferocity.

Also, if you can, avoid extreme or high-risk sports as much as possible; there will be other times to take part in these.

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