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The amount of time that your partner takes to respond to your text messages doesn’t determine how much they love you.

This Wednesday you’re feeling a little off, your heart is going a little crazy, and nothing seems to be working out as it should in your world. Because of this, you’re feeling a little jealous and you’re not sure if you can trust your partner.

You’ll want to know where they are at all times. You’ll want to be able to locate them easily just in order to control them, you won’t actually need them for any reason in particular.

This type of behavior is toxic, and don’t even think about saying that it’s cute that your partner doesn’t want you to hang out with other people.

When it comes to friendships, a male Gemini will tell you that they’re worried because they’re going through a rough patch in their relationship and they don’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to help them out much, Aries, because you’re not doing so hot in this area of your life either.


Work will start piling up at your job. You’ll have to put the finishing touches on your projects and distribute the new tasks that are pending.

You’ll feel overwhelmed because your superiors are putting a lot of pressure on you. The cosmos suggest that you start with the most difficult tasks first.

If you get the hard part done first, then everything else will seem like a piece of cake. However, if you put your energy into the easier things first, later the other tasks will seem even more challenging.


You have a lucky charm, but you don’t tend to tell people when you carry it with you. It might be a religious image or a figurine that you think brings you good fortune.

Don’t forget to keep this with you today, because it will protect you from all of the evil that you’ll cross paths with, Aries.

You’re particularly likely to run into trouble in a place where large crowds of people tend to gather. For example, an open space or even a closed space like on public transport.

If you carry your charm with you, nothing will get in your way today. So, remember to keep it with you just in case.