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Aries Magic Horoscope for 17th May

Check Your Forecast for Today, Thursday
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This Thursday there will be certain things with your partner that you just won’t agree with.

You’ll try your hardest to put yourself in their shoes, in an attempt to comprehend their actions, but it will be impossible.

Don’t get desperate, and take into account that even your words could be misinterpreted and turned against you.

As hard as it may be, and even if you’re biting your tongue, avoid fighting, because you won’t get anything clear in this matter, and you’ll only end up souring your relationship.

Your emotional intelligence will be your best ally, because thanks to this, you won’t let your emotional impulses blur the beautiful love in your everyday life.


There’s a project at work that you’re worried about more than need be.

It would imply a great effort that of course, would give you a financial boost, and allow you to save a little for when the going gets tough.

But from the start, it would imply doing wonders with your agenda in order to make things work with your current job, and the rest of your obligations with your friends and family.

And don’t forget about yourself, because you also need time to disconnect from everything that’s going on around you.

Don’t get overwhelmed, because the cosmos will assure that whatever is the most beneficial to you is what will happen, Aries.


Your nervous system is trying to get your attention through your mouth.

Have you noticed that you’ve been waking up with jaw pain and that you’re clenching your jaw in your sleep?

You’ve been grinding your teeth due to the stress that you’ve accumulated that you don’t know how to channel properly.

You should focus more on getting exercise; in fact, physical exercise can do wonders when it comes to relieving tension. You should also consider visiting an odonatologist if you think that this problem could be serious.

Besides, when you move you’re helping your heart that’s in need of a little action as well. You’ve noticed this already, although you haven’t mentioned it to anyone.

You worry about things that you can’t resolve directly, so don’t feel guilty for responsibilities that get out of your hands.