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Aries Magic Horoscope for This Coming Thursday, July 5th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Thursday
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Energy will be very positive when it comes to matters as a couple on this day in July, and everything will go very well... if financial matters don't interfere.

To avoid confrontations, try to stay away from talking about money and instead talk about love as a preventative measure. Your partner has a lot of control over household finances, and there are expenses that could be misinterpreted.

Take a moment to relax as a couple; your soulmate sometimes has way too much work on their plate and this makes them distant from you, although unconsciously because it isn't what they want. 

On a social level, you'll notice that a pleasant current will take you new places and bring you sympathy from the people that want to trust you and tell you their dilemmas. 

The problem is that you don't connect with everyone in the same way, and you'll have to hear stories that quite frankly you don't care one bit about, but you won't know how to cut this off and get them to leave you alone. 


The position of the stars in the heavens for the 5th of July wants to make one thing clear, Aries; you'll have to tighten your belt!

This is what you hate the most in this world (who likes to cut back expenses, right?), but you've got no other choice. 

So, forget about your superfluous expenses and avoid making purchases in installments, as these are always really risky. Not to mention that Magic Horoscope prohibits you from getting a loan in order to afford a craving of yours. 

In the case that you feel forced to make significant financial transactions, especially selling or buying real estate, surround yourself with good advisors, and not friends and acquaintances without proper education in this area. 


Although you won't experience significant pain, and no falls or other unexpected accidents are foreseen, throughout the day today, you'll be lacking energy. 

This could happen especially if you have to balance a job that you spend a lot of hours at and a personal life full of commitments. 

The best solution would be to do these simple things, according to Magic Horoscope's simple suggestion: rest when you can, get enough sleep and eat a diet rich in protein. 

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