Full Aries Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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Why do you think that a love from the past was better than what you have right now?

This is what will be going through your head this Tuesday, Aries, and this will make you feel extremely anxious.

It’s true that back then you made decisions on the spot because that’s what you thought that you had to do.

You were fine, but after your heart told you that you’d made a mistake.

You can’t go back now, you wanted to get off of a moving train and now you can’t buy another ticket, because this train now has a new destination different from your own.

Instead of moping around, reinvent yourself; build a stronger you than ever before.


You don’t ever want to give up doing fun activities. Trips, going to the movies, the theater, concerts, anything that pops up.

Also, you brag a lot about how much you enjoy going shopping and telling people what you want to buy yourself for the back of your closet or to make your home more beautiful.

And then you don’t want to open up your wallet, because you hate spending money, and you look ridiculous. In the end, you hardly buy anything and the plans that you make for your free time you hardly even enjoy.

It’s just the beginning of the week now, try to plan your expenses better, and if you want to have fun, do it, and spend the amount of money that you should. Forget about going half-way, go all in.

But, don’t complain later on.


Magic Horoscope’s cosmos indicate that today your feet will be bothering you, possibly because you’ll have to walk a lot.

Try to wear the proper footwear for the activity that you’re planning on doing, and don’t exchange comfort for looks this time. Not too long ago you did something like this and it ended badly, didn’t it, Aries?

Also, watch out for curbs, baseboards, and uneven surfaces, because all signs point to you running into something that will make you see stars out of the sheer pain that you’ll experience. You know, like in the cartoons?