Full Aries Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Your current situation in love isn’t too shabby, Aries. Everything seems to be in its place and seems to be calm and stable. And, for the time being, you’re not bored. Bravo!

However, you’ll be faced with tension that will force you to leave the path that you were supposed to be on.

An affair, a secret romance, it might not mean anything, and you may have already talked with your partner about allowing a little bit of freedom in this respect.

The problem is that something that may seem like a game at first, could turn into feelings that get magnified. This, in turn, makes you yearn for a life that you aren’t living. When this happens, you lose all of the progress that you’d made.


Today, in order to make this financial project that you had in mind happen, you’ll need to channel Magic Horoscope’s cosmos. Look for allies in other fire signs like you. For example, Leo and Sagittarius, because together you are capable of doing something great, as long as you’re the one making the decisions.

Earning the trust of a team isn’t easy and even less so when there’s money involved. But, if you believe in yourself, you’ll start giving off a hypnotic attraction that will have everyone convinced.

Aries that handle money at work (cashiers, bankers, transportation workers, and those working for courier services) should watch out for thieves. Today they are more likely to be victims of theft.


Today you may face a problem related to blindness. Not because something will get in your eye or anything of that sort, but rather, you’ll avoid seeing things that are right in front of you.

In particular, it could be something related to your health, maybe your joints. Something isn’t right, but you keep pretending that everything’s just peachy and that there’s no problem at all.

Denying your problems doesn’t make everything automatically wonderful, Aries. Get help with this problem, especially if it’s the kind that gets worse and worse over time.