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Aries Magical Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 13th February

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Your idea of love has been damaged by the cinema.

You’re looking for the type of love straight out of a 90s romantic comedy, boy meets girl (or the other way around), it seems like they won’t be able to be together, but in the end destiny unites them and they end up together, happy and living in the suburbs surrounded by dogs.  

Don’t you realize that in the movies, and in real life, there are also unhappy endings, with couples that don’t end up together because it’s just not meant to be?

You’re obsessed with finding the perfect relationship, right out of the book.

And meanwhile, you’re wasting the time that you should be spending on making this person happy because you’re too focused on the most irrelevant things in order to pretend that you have this ideal relationship. Just worry about yourselves.



It’s time to cut your expenses. Are you still signed up for the gym even though you never go, as much as you tell yourself that you will every weekend?

Are you still signed up for a club or group that you don’t go to? Do you really need to be a member of all of these things?

Find time to unsubscribe from all of them (and while you’re at it, ask the bank to block charges from these entities).

Stop overspending. Every time that you go shopping, you fill your cart with stuff that you didn’t really need at home.

Make a shopping list of the things that you really need and don’t stray from it. Avoid the aisles that you don’t need to go down.


You’re in a good mood lately. You’re starting to forget about past memories that just bring you harm, and they don’t even give you a headache anymore.

Your self-esteem is growing; take advantage of this good run to improve yourself physically as well. Not just for looks, but also for your health.

It may be the right moment to start practicing some type of sport, even if it’s just a small step. A long walk every day, exercising at home, or taking a bike ride…

And don’t worry about it being Tuesday and the 13th. Today won’t be unlucky.