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The Friday January 26th Aries Stars Prediction

Aries: Your Star Sign Revelations

Aries: Your Star Sign Revelations |



The passion which outpoured from you this January and made you let go through your heart instincts and the most sentimental drives will make up a great part of today. Still, it will do so in its spiciest version.

Getting your spicy playful side into the spotlight won't be hard for you, and you won't be able to think about anything else. Details are important for you, and you'll feel especially appealed towards them because they will be what awakens your imagination.

Both single and in a relationship, you're in for a rocky day.


Today you might finally see some reward after you efforts of these last couple of months at work. The great energy and dedication you set into your tasks will not go by unnoticed.

Now that we're reaching the end of the month, you shouldn't be surprised about getting constant praise from everywhere and everyone. Because even if at some point you thought that what you were doing wasn't going to mean much of a difference, you'll be gladly surprised to find out you've been helpful to more than one person.


Drinking two cups of water before meals increases our metabolism up to 30%, and for those of you who tend to overeat sometimes, you'll feel sated even if you didn't have as much food to eat as you usually do.

But that's not all: drinking a lot of water during the day also helps you to sleep better at night. Among other reasons, that's why experts recommend having 2 to 3 litres or water a day, which is about 8 cups depending on their capacity.

Considering that your usual intake doesn't go any further than 2 cups of water a day, you've already got a great challenge ahead going for you.