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The Sunday January 21st Aries Stars Prediction

Aries: Your Star Sign Revelations

Aries: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Aries can sink into an obsessive spiral this weekend, at least in regards to love. Stop texting and calling the other person, otherwise you may overwhelm them. Sometimes, it's best to let time go by so that a new relationship can blossom in a spontaneous, natural way.

In any case, couples with an Aries will feel overworked with daily chores. It's always good to remember the motto «don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today», but it so happens that home chores and shopping prevent you from enjoying the most intimate moments. The best thing will be for you to keep something for tomorrow.


You will start to see your job under a new light. Even if it's the weekend, there's things that require your attention and you're starting to develop a strange addiction for getting them all done. But, there's bad news: work will still pile up no matter how hard you try not to. Instead of investing so much time on reports, you could store some energy for Monday.

You weren't even expecting this big cash spend! There will always be someone at home willing to help, because paying for the repairs may leave you broke. In this case, someone in your family will offer you a kind donation. Don't reject it out of pride!


You've been showing off a positive fighter vibe lately, and it's contagious. You're bringing more and more people into a healthy lifestyle and that makes you feel just great. Use this positive synergy to load up on good vibrations and expel off any virus that you may have been storing up.

That narcissistic point that you were starting to develop is replaced by quite a strange sensation. Now you don't look at yourself in the mirror in the same light and you notice those age wrinkles more than ever. Learn to appreciate the beauty in your flaws.