Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - ARIES |


Love: You may fall into the arms of a past lover

In terms of love, this seventh month of 2019 will be quite calm, as nothing special will happen throughout these 31 days.

If you dream of having a marvelous love story then you may be devastated to see that this isn't what happens in real life. You need to stay focused and put everything you can into your relationship so that it flows correctly.

The stars of Magic Horoscope will help you conquer others and increase your sex appeal, my dear Aries. And if you are single, people will be lining up to meet you. You may even end up going out with an old lover or ex. They may have changed and grown as a person, or not. Be careful.

There will be great moments in terms of relationships, as married life or living together has brought you closer. As a couple, you are stronger and you help each other with your responsibilities. However, pay attention to your other half as they need love and affection.

It is very important to have self-control, especially when someone irresistible comes your way.

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Money: Some delays will cause problems

At work, now is the time to commit and participate in the new projects set in front of you. When there are big decisions to make, be present and voice your opinion. Show others that you are interested and can work as a team leader. In the first fortnight of this month, pleasant surprises and coming your way.

There will be weeks in which money will be tight due to delays and others owing you money. However, you may get an extra payment you weren't expected and that just might be what saves you some being in debt!

Be patient as everything is changing around you. It is for the best and it better now than later, as luck is in your favour. A promotion or a pay rise isn't that far away.

Health: Spiritual development will bring you to success

The stars are in your favour in terms of health, as they are here to help your integrity and for you to grow as a person.

If you are working on your physique by going to the gym, using a personal trainer or even going to a nutritionist, the results will be exquisite as your hard work will finally pay off. 

You will pay special attention to your money throughout this month, as you are quite a shopper. You will discover your spiritual side and realize that spending isn't what brings you to success, but by having a clear state of mind. A healthy mind brings clearer thoughts.