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Love: Join sensibility and sensuality

In principle you are going to enjoy an agile sentimental climate, and during the first fortnight especially you are going to enjoy harmony that will allow you to put in order all the furniture that is in your head and in your heart.

Your sensitivity will be very sensual, but you will also be especially attentive and dedicated to make your partner happy if you have, or that person you want to become your spouse and that, for now, is just a special friendship with which you enjoy fun dates.

Your desire for that person you love will receive a new impulse from the stars, so that you demonstrate your intentions with strength and rigor, Aries.

If you walk without a partner but no pretenders, you should get down to work. To socialize, to do new activities, not to stay, in short, locked up at home watching how the calendar advances.

What if, in the month in which Valentine's Day is celebrated, it should happen that your soul mate appears?




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Money: Be careful not to make mistakes

During the month of February you will undoubtedly be the sea of perseverance to watch over your money, your work, and you will sweat the big drop to reach the goals you had set for yourself.

However, don't forget that you are human! Because you may make mistakes and not make the right decisions.

Everything can be solved, yes, but if you are careful and save yourself the upset, better.

In the domestic economy try to be restrained, especially as you move this month which is the shortest of the year but no less intense.

There will be perfect times to invest, speculate, and ultimately increase your capital.

Your artistic creativity, on the other hand, could make you happy, and you might even earn some kind of recognition or distinction.

Health: Learn to forgive your failures

Do not lock yourself in your shell for fear of suffering pain and problems, and that the physical limitations you have that do not limit you in enjoying the gift of life.

It is forbidden to think that certain activities are forbidden for someone of your age or your condition (not to mention your gender!).

You will be able to work to improve your self-esteem, and above all, try to learn to forgive yourself the failures (or what you consider as such) if you want to advance.

Look for a balance between realism and modesty, and if you can, become an example for other people, so that they take more care of their well-being.