Aries Horoscope March
Your Aries Horoscope for March | Magic Horoscope

Love: Your will can't live forever

Aries, the stars encourage you to control your mood more this month (the foul one, that is). You see yourself as someone nice, polite, easy-going, but you actually have quite a harsh personality, and you're someone who needs to be right to avoid arguments from happening.

This March, you'll come to understand that your will can't live forever, especially if you're in a relationship, where power is supposed to be shared equally. Give in every now and then and you'll manage to avoid distress and despair.

In certain situations, you'll feel like your partner is analysing your moves; that's because they feel hurt and they refuse to suffer any longer. In some homes, there could even be a serious wake-up call.

If you're single, you'll feel highly energetic to introduce gradual change into your life. You'll learn to love yourself better and to let go when you think you've bumped into someone who's deserving of being known better.


Money: The desire for change multiplies

Your work situation is nowhere near simple, but it isn't any more complex than your neighbour next door's. You'll be a witness to some unfair situations, whether against your colleagues or yourself, and that's when you should raise your voice to stop history from repeating itself.

You'll be more willing than ever to turn your life around and change jobs, moving into a position where you can make more money. It won't be a bed of roses, and there'll be plenty of thorns that delay your progress, but the end result will be definitely worth it.

Find your most courageous side, go for it and win. And while you're at it, keep training yourself to become a better employee and expert.

Health: Go back to your former favourite sport

Remember your childhood and early years: which sports were you mad about? This March you could come back and practise one of them. It'll improve not only your physical agility but also your mental one. Practically every known sport helps improve your reflexes and even makes you sleep better. However, make a slow yet steady progress to avoid getting injured (or frustrated, which is also a possibility).

Ask for an appointment with your family doctor if it's been quite long since your last check-up and blood test. Make sure everything's under control.