Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - ARIES
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - ARIES | Magic Horoscope

Love: Monotony is gone for good

You might say next November is a lot of things, but certainly not boring. Your heart will play hopscotch to its content, mixing and matching calm days with more rough and surprising days. You could go from heat to ice, not in a matter of days, but hours instead. Get ready for virtually anything.

Use this chance to play around yourself with what life offers you. Get more involved in whatever adventure you find, seek emotions every time you can, and to sum it all up, if the end of the world ever comes, you should be enjoying yourself. Break your icy shell and be more affectionate, especially around your family.

When you feel tired, don't hesitate to get into your secret garden for shelter; and of course, it'll be out of your own free will, not because someone says you should, Aries.

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Money: Breathe it all in

In your life, as in anyone else's, Aries, there's been instances with risky business. However, now that the eleventh month of the year kicks in, the stars are telling you that you can breathe in at ease. You might even take things down a notch.

This doesn't mean that your life is getting any simpler and that finances will smoothly roll their way around. You'll often have to pull out the calculator, follow your budget to the last comma, and this goodwill from you will be what stops you from getting buried in debt, and what will keep your life essentials at home.

Whenever you can, start looking into your Christmas celebrations. If you can start saving for future shopping, that'll be even better. Or, take a chance now that there are some good-looking sales, and start crossing presents off your list.

Health: No digestive system of steel

Going beyond diets and food instructions, the Magic Horoscope encourages you to eat as smart as you can. In the following weeks, you'll be experiencing a frail digestive system. You know well which foods give you stomachaches or acid reflux, so get down to do some work!

You'll have good vibes and you'll know how to dose your energy to fulfil all your duties; you'll also improve the way you sleep.