Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - ARIES
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - ARIES | Magic Horoscope


Love: Don't play the interesting part

You're pretty sensitive and slightly selfish. You could wrap yourself up in plastic bubbles and get away from the world and your partner if it feels good, but you'll think it's awful that your close ones do the same thing.

It'll be a month filled with arguments based on love issues, which will swap with other more pleasant moments when you won't stop laughing along with your partner.

Fight as hard as you can to break dread, because you'll dream about evolution and change. Be dynamic even if it leaves you drained.

If you're a native Aries, you'll also think hard on what your real wishes are, and whether you should give in to them or resist. Sometimes you feel guilty for the way you love, you feel tied up by invisible social chains that question the way others give their love or have fun in bed.

Finally, the stars are telling you to listen to your intuition, especially if you're single. And don't play the mysterious part on a date; if you pretend to be more interesting than you should, your date will lose interest and ask for the check.

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Money: You're more influential than you think

No month is simple financially speaking, but lucky for you, October won't be any harder than the rest. Any news related to business and money will be mainly beneficial, whether directly or indirectly.

You'll be able to do good favours to friends or family when making a recommendation on their behalf at a job, or intervening so that they get a bank loan with the perfect conditions. You're more influential than you could imagine: use your contacts to the fullest.

In the next few weeks, you'll dream a lot about expensive projects, trips to far-off places, a larger house with your family, or with more kids (you're well aware that making a family is pretty costly).

Health: Better care as a prevention measure

This October, be serious about any pain or ailment you have, as well as those chronic issues you've internalised to the point of irrelevance.

You seriously need to take better care of yourself, especially as a prevention method. And watch your sleep, because you might have some insomnia going on.

If you're trying hard to improve your health conditions, you'll be congratulated by your loved ones, if you're on a diet and managed to shed some weight, or are practising sport and your body's toning up.