Aries Daily Horoscope
Aries Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Hey! Control your manners, words, and actions! This isn't the Thousand and One Nights, so you can put your genie back in the bottle or wherever you'd like.

You'll get up on the wrong side of the bed this Monday and Mercury will make your tyrannic ways even stronger, and you'll even act this way towards your partner.

And no one, not even your partner, should have to tolerate you when you raise your voice. It would be best if you isolated yourself and avoided human contact altogether, in order to keep yourself from mistreating anyone, understood?

Your impulses could lead you to act wrongly, but if you start a conflictive situation, remember that kind and meaningful words, spoken from the bottom of your heart, can be more healing than a thousand kisses.


You're already plotting, Aries? Magic Horoscope denounces this and indicates that you're already thinking of purchasing a product that's very expensive.

And in order to do this, you're considering applying for a loan over the course of several months, or to ask a family member to loan you the money.

Are you really in such a hurry to get this product? Why, in order to make it seem like your social status is really higher than it actually is?

Debt can turn into chains that take away your freedom, try to avoid taking on any more, alright? The cosmos strongly recommend this.


Goodbye. A single word. This is what you have to say to these toxic habits that don't benefit your health one bit.

The same habits that you've gotten into lately with the excuse that you've got to let yourself get carried away and live life every once in a while.

If you want to grow old, Aries, put on the break and put your life on a different track. Be sensible and watch out for your body's well-being.

It's still not too late to do things right, and ask your closest friends to give you suggestions on how to reach your goals.

Also, watch out for your joints, especially your knees. You may notice some pain this afternoon even.