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You will have to cultivate the virtue of patience a little more than usual this week as the month of April begins to flower, if your main intention is to find harmony.

Your life as a couple may undergo some unexpected circumstances that may make you feel a bit out of place, without direction.

Try to find yourself soon, and therefore you will be able to eradicate any risk of conflict as you will also, at the same time, understand better how to live together, conviviality under the same roof.

Regardless of this, there may be some crawlers trying to feast off of your sweet love, getting between you and your loved one (see why you need more patience?).

Perhaps due to envy and jealousy, to try and destroy whatever you have just for the sake of it, or even maybe due to some hidden desires for you (something you might have never even imagined).

Singles will have the possibility to accord a decisive date, one in which there are many ups and downs in which you need to learn to slow down or speed up in it, without measurements.

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In your professional field my dear Aries, your tenacity and courage will become your best weapon to fight against those who you so call, your enemies.

And the best part is that most Aries have overcome obstacles in their way thanks to their intellectual success, especially if they have an artistic side.

A large sum of the projects undertaken this week will be able to finish before Sunday, and this in other words (better sooner than later), will make your bank account rise considerably.

If your job isn’t completely stable, or even you need a second job just to stay afloat, you will have some insecurities that will attack you head on.

However, stick your heels in to keep yourself going. You can overcome it!


Throughout these days to come, the stars of MagicHoroscope predict certain stability, especially for those Aries that have had some risky health issues lately.

The most important thing is to be a person full of wisdom that doesn’t carry out actions that go against your personal health nor individual values.

In case you have some time to spare, search for new alternative therapies to improve your well-being, like trying new messages you’d never thought trying before.

Or simply go to your local physiotherapist for them to shake you around a bit and leave you feeling good as new, especially if you suffer from severe tensions in the back or neck.