Aries, this week your skies foresee a slightly unusual communicative method; rather than enter endless conversations, you'll place your bets on non-verbal communication, and you'll be giving a serious meaning to silence (although not everyone will know how to read it the way you want to).

It'll be hard for you to find a place in the world, and sometimes you dwell on the feeling that you're not getting as much support as you'd want at home. And what's more, if people truly trusted you, you'd be able to sort out certain issues that can cause headaches to just about anyone.

If you're a single native, you should think about what's missing in the way you seduce people; perhaps your flirting techniques are out of fashion. Or your personality could just be too different to what you project (because you think you'll be more successful that way).

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At work you've got a calm, soothing environment, but your sixth sense will help you spot any and all elements of dissonance. If you see a storm brewing and coming closer, run away as far as you can.

You'll become especially skilled at dodging toxic workmates, the ones who complain about life and its issues from first thing in the morning. If you can, you should also devote part of your time to create new bonds with your managers or supervisors.

At home there could be unexpected expenses; perhaps your fridge needs a replacement or the wheels in your car are desperate for a swap. You'll have to use your savings to cover all those needs (and squeeze your savings in the next few days).


Your health could prove troublesome (something you'd avoid if you were more careful about your schedule). This week it'll be extremely difficult for you to get out of bed, and you'll be constantly coming last to whatever appointment you've got at work.

Watch your serving size and meal quality, and don't underestimate breakfast! It's the first and most important meal of the day. If you can, use some of your time to cook delicious and nutritious meals to turn your menu around.

Your energy will be the appropriate one to do a little more exercise than usual, and you'll benefit from whatever activities you do in the water.