Aries Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Venus will be your ally for the next seven days and will try to provide you will a warm environment. You will feel closer than ever to your partner, up to the point that you both understand each other by just gazing into your eyes.

Saturn has some advice for you: you need to understand that if you limit your feelings, you may affect your relationship, so do not cut them off and let them in.

Find a way in which you feel comfortable expressing your feelings so your partner can see you for whom you really are. Speak calmly and not aggressively.

Your love life will be like a rollercoaster, with its difficulties. So if you are single, do what you desire. You would fall for anyone, but be careful. Your feelings seem to contrast with who you really are as your heart is warm but the air around you is chilling.

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The stars of Magic Horoscope and Mars will help you go up the professional ladder and will bring new business proposals your way.

Therefore, my dear Aries, your good intuition and fierceness will improve your relationship with your superiors as they see you as a true warrior.

The good influence of merchants, lawyers and teachers will let you discover new opportunities in order to go up the social ladder, and provide help to others.

However, you will find obstacles on your way up, especially financial difficulties so avoid spending for no reason. Always be prepared.


You will feel capable of everything, as if Hercules gave you some of his superpowers.

Nevertheless, my dear Aries, look at yourself in the mirror, and come back down to Earth. Stop exaggerating and respect your body’s limits.

If you need to start a diet, avoid cutting out foods drastically or your energy level will be damaged. Magic Horoscope offers effective methods to lose weight, which will also provide good results even though it might take more time that you wanted.

In addition, by losing that extra weight, you can treat yourself occasionally to that burger you desire.