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You start a new week loaded with the desire to seduce, to be a brilliant person who arouses admiration from the people with whom you rub shoulders.

That which you can see as a game can become complicated if you have a partner, because from a simple spark could arise a fire.

That same seductive spirit, of casanova or of femme fatal, can help you in case you want to reconquer your partner if between you the ties were broken.

And is that there will be times when love will float around you, you will give off an aura that will fall in love to whoever you propose.

But don't think your weapons are infallible, huh? Above all, don't be a boastful person, because you could bring down what you have been building little by little.

When the weekend arrives, as a brooch, there will be fun for the Aries who are single, and joyful family plans for those who already have a spouse.


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To renew or to die. That seems to indicate the years in your profession, because you can not afford to stagnate and stay old.

So update your training again, especially when it comes to new technologies, a sector that advances by leaps and bounds and where it's tremendously easy to become obsolete, okay?

Plus, you'll have a pretty powerful business sense, and you'll find niche markets that others wouldn't detect.

In the same way, you should be serious about yourself so that money doesn't go to the garbage can in financial transactions that you intuit are destined to fail from the first minute.

Pay attention to your intuition, because it will save you from future headaches when it comes to investing.

Ah, and as always, try to be faithful to your budget, do not be a living life that loses its head at the slightest opportunity!


You face, Aries, about seven days full of ups and downs but none of them will be an absolute disaster, so in a way you can stay calm.

If you want to improve your health you will find in the water a good ally, especially in avant-garde therapies not yet very popular as for example thalassotherapy.

Your body is receptive to healing, so let's get to work!

Within the field of health, remember to give it the importance that corresponds to your sexuality, because it is not linked exclusively to your loving facet.