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Several planets will put you in good shape to interact with your spouse or partner. Don't deprive yourself, leave shyness at the stake!

Take advantage of these days that serve as a bridge between the first and second half of the third month of the year to take your time wisely.

Talk without haste about the usual problems, laugh together, or if you prefer, turn a blind eye to these difficulties (although this way the situation may get worse, be warned).

You will feel protected to the point of doing some crazy things, like a rather radical change of image, you want the world to see that you are here! Especially, of course, if you're single.

The nights sometimes get very cold, and with a companion in bed, your heart will feel a good warmth.

Don't fall in love with the first one who passes anyway; the Magic Horoscope has already told you that this week you have to do things on time, without haste. Impatience would be a bad counsellor!


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There are quite a few positive factors around you that will allow you to have, with a little tact, many economic advances.

The Magic Horoscope stars will not neglect your money in the next seven days!

Once you bring all your accounts up to date, your sky points out that everything related to real estate, daily work (and even hidden businesses) should perform spectacularly.

However, don't expect to see the trees bloom on their own, it's time to keep working hard to make the fruits even bigger.

And learn to pick them up at the right time, neither before nor after, although many doubts could arise in your mind, to the point of missing some good occasion.

Finally, get out of your head that what you cannot achieve at the beginning of this week will be impossible to achieve and what better to surrender. That's not an option, Aries!


One of the things you should learn is to rest with quality, especially when you notice that sleep knocks on your bedroom door.

Overnight should be forbidden. You don't know how the hours of the day are when you wake up in the morning, wanting to eat the world!

Apart from that, you can say that your tone will be quite stable; you won't feel any discomfort, at least, if they are new.

When it's time to sit at the table, it would be nice to monitor the calories you eat, but also to detect what foods can upset your stomach or even cause allergies!