Aries Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 August

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Your family will be that stone in your path that you trip over. Try to take a break, or even take a step back from reality. If not, family will get in your way of love.

Maybe having children will get in the way of you dating others. Maybe you have elder people to look after too. You need to find time to go to the cinema and take a break from your home chores.

Meeting up with you is an impossible mission, so you need to quick and find time to have more of social life, especially with those who you care about.

If you have a positive environment full of emotions, as the Moon is shining upon you, my dear Aries. Sometimes you need to pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. Wake up and find stability. Otherwise, your problems won't get solved.


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Make sure your resources are stable, as they aren't unlimited. It is best if you keep an eye on your accounts on a daily basis, just in case. If not, you may get a surprise that you hadn't expected, and not a good one.

Being ambitious may have a negative effect on you, as your job absorbs you. You need to think more about yourself and put your job aside. There will be a moment in which you will have to admit your addiction to work. Don't deny it any longer!

Some Aries love working extra hours, especially because you are paid more! Don't do extra work for pleasure or for free, because there are other things you could be doing elsewhere. Just think about it, someone else ho needs a job could do it for you.

Diplomatic sophistication will let you sort out some issues concerning money. Being sociable and knowing quite a few people will help you pull some strings.



In general terms, your physical resistance is quite good, which others would love to have. You will be able to accomplish your goals easily, but don't forget to disconnect and spend some time on yourself. Maybe take up an activity, which you had given up some time ago, or even just grab your towel and sunbathe a bit.

Challenges will be an adrenaline rush, as they aren't easy to accomplish. Your laziness may get in the way but it won't pull you down. Put your mind to it and get it done!

Keep an eye on your inner circle's physical state, and if you see something wrong, don't hesitate and tell them. Tell them nicely and don't just jump.