Aries Weekly Horoscope for 13 - 19 May

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You expect to live a day as if it were Valentine's Day, but Aries, that happened just three months ago and life moves on.

Not only that: your relationship will not be blessed by the patron of lovers, and you will even suffer some sort of turbulence, partly caused by uncomfortable and unnecessary jealousy.

Your head is better to stay cool, because if you fall into disrespect or visceral discussions the thing will have little remedy. Do you understand what the stars are trying to tell you?

Also, believe only what you see with your own eyes, and do not believe what others say to you on the side; as envy is the order of the day around you, even if you do not detect it.

Someone in your family is going through a rough patch, maybe because of love problems, or other issues that you do not know at the moment.

Get closer to that person as soon as you notice that your hand needs to show you that you are one of the pillars that you need to push yourself and raise the flight again.

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In the matter of money, this week brings you good news with light; however, you won’t win the lottery and you will not be able to buy some plane tickets for a paradisiacal island.

In the labor market, there will be interesting offers for you, and you will have to balance if it is worth changing what you have right now or if it is more interesting to just pull your duvet over your head and avoid reality.

In any case, it never hurts to train yourself before doing job interviews, you can also learn more about the company that wants to take you on and analyze your weak and strong points.

With money, you will not have many problems, and some bills will be less elevated than you would have imagined at first, which is good for your economy.


Aries will learn in the seven-day cycle that lies ahead to be in inner peace and you will be quite sociable. Keep up this positive vibe!

Mind you, this does not mean you have to be out on the street all day with friends (or with that person you want as a couple), especially if those trips involve drinking alcohol. Take a little more care of your liver, and drink with moderation and responsibility! Don’t feel forced to do something you don’t want to.

The only part of your body that could cause uncomfortable discomfort is the digestive system, something is not going well but it is not serious. Be attentive to symptoms such as a constant bad taste in the mouth, or morning ardor.