Aries Weekly Prediction for 14-20 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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You need to check the values you have about love, affection, and the responsibilities involved in sharing your life with a partner.

No one said it was easy, keeping an affair alive isn't automatic, like changing the batteries of a toy to keep it ringing and moving, while you watch how well it performs its actions.

So over the next few days, it would be ideal, if not necessary, for you to work very hard to meet the needs of your better half.

In fact, you will sometimes notice that they have gestures with you that you never correspond, so get to work before the thing is irreversibly twisted.

For Aries natives who are single, the stars predict fun and movement, lots of dynamism, but for the earth to bear its fruits you'll first have to plow it, sow it, and fertilize it.

You're not going to pick fruit just by raising your hand.


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Things clear. That is what will have to mark you during this week that divides January in two so that you do not drown to death.

It will be necessary to make calculations and fulfill in a scrupulous and categorical way certain budgets, having a cold mind on many occasions.

You may even be forced to do a penny analysis of every expense you make so that you don't have to borrow from friends or family (avoid this whenever you can, so you'll save yourself a lot of trouble).

At work, tiredness may become apparent, and idleness may make you want to become invisible sometimes.

But Jupiter, in particular, will make within you reborn the desire to give everything, to show how valuable you are and that no one notices how, to some extent, inside you are quite defeated.

The important thing is not only how we are, but what we project, Aries.


As far as your health is concerned, for this week the Magic Horoscope stars do not foresee any major setbacks.

However, as the days go by, you will notice some discomfort in the joints, especially in the knees or nearby areas.

They will also be good days for you to consider making a small investment in your well-being, for example, buying a machine that massages your feet.

This would be optimal if due to work obligations you have to stand for many hours throughout the day.