Aries Weekly Horoscope
Aries Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll dream of new beginnings, of changes. Long story short, you'd like to see some more action in your love life, by breaking some invisible chains that apparently only you can see. And if your partner doesn't feel this tiredness, you might have to face a complex situation!

Thus, you might as well have many headaches, giving real thought to what your true wishes are and whether you should access them, or on the other hand be more reserved and pretend they're not there.

You'll feel strongly tempted to cheat, but you don't exactly know what you're looking for out of home.

If you're single, you'll take yourself really seriously. Is that your case? Then you won't be in the mood to get into meaningless adventures. You'll even reminisce past romances and think about where you went wrong. The temptation of calling a former partner will be quite strong, either to apologise or to ask for a second chance.


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Try to stay pretty focused on your professional life, no matter how many issues you can't handle as well as you'd want to, or because you haven't gotten used to the new things around your daily life just yet.

Be patient with your workmates, focus on their best assets, find out what you can learn from them, and don't look down on actions that come from the heart.

You should change the perspective on your professional growth and be more mindful of your future. Think about what stage you want to be in after a while, and what would you have to do to get there, Aries.


You'll be a bit careless about your health, but you won't admit to it initially. Any circumstance will be good to pop a wine open, or to prepare a feast filled with fatty, carb-filled foods.

So, if you see that your scale has a higher number than expected by the time Sunday comes, don't be too surprised.

There's also a slight disadvantage coming up for some native Aries: you'll find it hard to handle your energy excess. As a consequence, you might feel overly nervous and slightly sleepless.