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You want to avoid conflicts but sometimes it is hard as your partner is angry and wants to express themselves. You have to listen to them, but choose your words so that you don't make things worse. Open up your heart to them and they will appreciate it.

Words cure everything, you just have to choose them wisely. Long and brave chats will improve your relationship.

A breeze will pass by, showing you the way towards a harmonious love life in which you will be quite successful. 

For those single Aries, you will be considered sexy, crazy and also hot, as many others see you as a brave and wise person to approach. Make sure you let people meet you or you will be alone forever.

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Your professional projects and investments seem to be moving slowly, as you had planned things to be going much quicker by now. Don't get desperate or you may make the situation worse. Ask for help from specialists if necessary.

You are lucky that you have a diplomatic breeze around you that will help control the situation even though it looks quite bad.

This week is a great opportunity to plan and make strategies because improvising isn't one of your strengths. Make sure you know what you have to do throughout these couple of days.

Don't spend without considering that you have a long time ahead before the month is over. Only buy the essential just in case.


You are in quite a decent shape so don't worry too much about your physique. Also, you have a lot of positive energy, both mental and physical.

If you feel anxious (probably towards the weekend) make sure to have fun with others to distract your mind.

Make sure you look after your eyesight because your myopia may get worse if you wear glasses that aren't of good quality. Make sure to wear sunglasses in the sun because your eyes seem to be quite sensitive.

Make sure to close projects because starting new ones. If you don't like a certain sport, give it up before trying another one.