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There will be ups and downs this week, but if you have a good use of your innate emotional intelligence you will manage to keep the best moments, and you will discard from your memory those that are less interesting.

Thus, you will live in a moment in which you feel that the world has been drawn for you and your partner, so that you can enjoy everything as you please without anyone bothering you. Up with love!

And if you are single, take out the explorer in you and travel on the emotional plane! Meet people, live new experiences, leaving self-esteem problems in a container.

This does not exempt so that sometimes the points of view between you and your loved one collide, and when one says white another responds that better black, without any option to enter a wide palette of greys.


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In your work, you don't notice it anyway and the atmosphere is tense. There are people with whom you work, who are as much a colleague as a client, who want to party.

So prudence will be the virtue you should use the most, so that if an ogre roars to you does not affect you in the least.

However, to prevent, try to keep your opinions (and jokes) on controversial issues such as politics or even religion, because everyone has their ideals and defends them as they believe.

Your desire to save may be more to display certain luxuries with the people around you (or those you would like to be wrapped in) than to have a mattress on which to fall at any moment.

As the days go by, certain emotional powers will develop and you will know how to sell good ideas that materialize in juicy projects.

Or you can even sell yourself if you're looking for a job, finding one that fits your profile!


Humans have energy similar to the battery of a car; we can regenerate what we spend whenever we are on the move.

But don't think that it is inexhaustible; if you misuse your vital resources, you will end up exhausted and your health won't be at its best levels.

With sleep you should do something, and do not justify yourself by saying that at night you are more creative, which is when the muses visit you.

A good trick to save some time would be to do, before bedtime, the tasks that you'll do right after waking up, such as preparing your work clothes, or leaving breakfast ready, with the coffee pot already loaded, just to press the button.