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In the case of couples, the Magic Horoscope recommends avoiding any confrontation with your other half, as the atmosphere will be charged with electricity.

And you don't want sparks to fly, now that the month is coming to an end, do you? There's no need to cause an explosion.

If you see that it is necessary, play with the schedules to avoid friction; for example, don't come home late if it angers your spouse.

Dose the painful words, or even better, try to make them slide down your body until they fall apart under your feet.

Anyway, you know that a stormy weather cannot last indefinitely and that soon the Sun will shine.

Singles will have life changes on the horizon, as long as they take time for themselves to hear what they really want.

Life is like an amusement park, and it's time to stop circling the merry-go-round to try something more fun and with a more exciting movement.


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You don't have to look at the Aries sky to know that inconsiderate expenses are not at all beneficial to you, and that they can even do you a lot of harm.

In fact, there will be a time when money problems could lead to arguments with your spouse.

So that this doesn't happen, keep your accounts up to date, with a lot of transparency: don't hide any expenses, no matter how absurd it may be. And be careful when paying taxes, tributes or fines, so that later there are no surcharges.

You'll want to make wealth, and you'll become a real tiger that with its sharp claw will find anyone who tries to snatch what belongs to them.


In health, the Magic Horoscope states that you will be more tired on the mental level than on the physical plane, perhaps because of overwork, or because you worry about more matters than you are entitled to.

And a good way to disconnect will be through restorative dreams, in which nobody or anything interrupts you.

That way, you'll have good muscle tone, and you should take advantage of it by not sitting and being passive: happiness can be at the end of a good walk or run in the park!

It will also be interesting to debunk certain myths about health, based on popular gossip but without any scientific basis.