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There is good news coming your way when it comes to love. The planets have a major impact on you, as you wish that others love you more than ever; and you will give affection to those you care about.

As a single Aries, it will be you who takes the first step ahead. It may be hard, but you will always move forward and never backwards. At least you will know whom you love, and you won't doubt giving second chances. This week is a good opportunity to live up to your expectations and enjoy an adventure.

Don't hesitate about how worthy you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat: you are a great lover. You are the best partner anyone could ever have.

A good tool such as a decent sense of humour will help you through this week, especially if it comes with some spicy and saucy comments.


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Generosity isn't one of your strengths, just like your personality. These days you will consult with the stars before helping others. Magic Horoscope and the stars paint you as a possessive and dominant person, who has few friends to lose. Why is that?

There will be moments when jealousy gets the best of you, as you don't like having competition. You will be a solitary wolf who seeks a prey. Don't dig your heels in too deep, as it will be you who ends up hurt.

The opinion of others has a certain value, so don't let it go to waste. Don't think you are always right, as getting help from others isn't shameful. They will help you find ways to fix the week spots of your projects.

Some native Cancer will realize that their savings aren't as good as they had thought, maybe due to having your head up with the fairies for too long, rather than realizing what is really happening. Now it is time to fasten your seatbelt and find a way to make the journey less painful. Be realistic, as there is no time to lose.



Treating yourself every now and then won't harm a fly. However, if it turns into a routine then you will see your health affected quite badly. The stars recommend that you don't treat yourself on a daily basis, and maybe just weekly. Otherwise, it isn't considered a treat. Why don't you just have a cheat day off your diet?

It seems that you will have some sort of hair issue, whether it is on your head or on your body. If you have constant beauty treatments, then this may be causing your hair to fall out more than it should. It might be irritating your skin, causing allergic reactions!

Those fortunate will go on holiday and will leave behind their low self-esteem, as they don't know the people around them and aren't ashamed of their body. Your body is great! Going to a nudist beach might even boost your confidence!