Weekly Horoscope for Aries. | Magic Horoscope


You feel inspired by the stars to build something big and solid as far as love goes. An incredible hunch you'll feel this week will remind you that you deserve to experience a great love story and that your fate is to be happy and make someone feel that way as well.

In that sense, if you're in a relationship, you'll want to make the relationship steadier or to re-do your wedding vows. You want your unbreakable love to be fully engraved, and if your loved ones are there to see, even better.

There'll be plenty of chances to ask your partner in marriage (it doesn't have to be in a luxurious candlelit restaurant); and in other news, imagination will rule the roost, both to plan the birth or adoption of more kids.

If you're a single Aries, don't waste life's chances to meet someone who's trying to fit into your heart. They could be better for you than you've pictured.


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Your current money-making methods will get magical this week; you can't exactly put your finger on what's going on, but you can feel it.

Some investors will be glad they placed their bets on you; you'll be accounted as the winning horse, and it wouldn't be too far off for you to be rewarded with a bonus or an extra day off.

There'll be times when you'll have to get more serious about finances; some calculations won't be too straight, and you could even have to resort to your banker's or counsellor's services. You know there are things that can't be left undone.

Also, learn to slow down a little with certain delicate tasks around work; you're so stressed that people feel like you would bite instead of talking to them. Focus your thoughts on one single direction.


The Magic Horoscope will increase your potential, energy and morals; you'll learn to see life under a new perspective and to bring back past hopes. You're wondering what else you can do to progress, relax, and take on the week with style, poise and grace.

You'll be concerned about looking good to others, but the most important thing here is to love yourself first and do whatever you like.

Get ready, because there are rocks along the path, but you'll know how to deal with them and make everything alright once more.