Aries Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 September

Magic Horoscope’s most important news for this week
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In terms of love, this week you will be seen as sassy and straight forward. There is no topic that you wouldn't confront your partner about. This might start rumours or gossip!

There will be many conversations that make your relationship richer, as you finally show who you really are, and take down that barrier you have protecting yourself. Does your partner know that you are stressed because of work, or what problems with your parents? Let your partner be by your side.

Those single have a new objective in life: someone enters your life to fill it up with love. You will have a motive to dress up and make yourself look stunning, as you dress to impress, my dear Aries.


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Being organized may get the best of you, as you want everything to be transparent and polished. You know there is something wrong going on with your accounts and it is up to you to find the error that is draining your accounts.

You love Nature and the environment, my dear Aries. Now it is your turn to help the world, by convincing your superiors to take actions and use fewer resources that contaminate. Why not use recycled paper to print on? Everyone needs to be aware of how bad this situation is.

Magic Horoscope doesn't recommend investing big sums of money, and that you should probably focus on your day-to-day issues first. Find a solution quickly and stop obsessing over details that you don't even like.



As long as your actions contain sanity, then everything concerning your health and wellbeing will be fine. You will be able to go out for a drink, or even travel to the Moon! It is up to you what you do with your body; just give it your best effort! Only you know your limits.

There will be moments in which you think you have hit rock bottom, but you need to know, my dear Aries, that you aren't as ill as you think you are. Just make sure you rest and see your doctor.

Stop posting online using your mobile phone or email, and take a break from the internet. Anxiety is caused because you are addicted to your phone. Maybe you should do something about it.