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Magic Horoscope pleads for a great sense of introspection, to see what your roots are and what acts have marked you in life to live the love in which you do.

If you suffered a breakup that left you with a large footprint on your heart, you will learn to keep the best lessons, even if that love was toxic.

Attention, because at some point you could run into that person who broke your heart, in a trickster and flattering manner. Keep him or her far away!

Jupiter will help you not to fall twice on the same stone, so calm down; as this planet will teach you to value what you have today.

Singles could be jealous when they see the person they breathe the air with, talking to people with whom the spark could come. A bull that you will not know very well how to fight.

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Through the most creative exercises, you can analyze how much money you spend and how the tap must be closed so that your economy does not get lost drop by drop and erodes your well-being.

For example, you could leave home one day without cash or credit cards, and see how many things you would like to buy, and in fact, you would if you could.

It will be a stunning masterful therapy to see how cravings reduce your mood, how is the power of advertising, and how to manage the whims.

It does not hurt if you also cut down on eating out so often; or if you prepare the food at your home and take it to work, you will see how the account takes longer to go down.

Many Aries natives will consider it time to return to school and gain new job skills, to open doors soon.


In this period of seven days, you could live a small obsession with your image, with looking spectacular, before the mirror and social networks; fashion could become your main god of the peculiar and obsessive religion that you believe.

So much to the point that in some moments you will think not to leave home to not bite, to save the calories of that beer that you were going to take with friends.

Take things slowly, Rome was not conquered in a single day, nor will you lose weight to where you want in a single week. In addition, it will be important that you be a social being.