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The past can never be buried at all, Aries; in fact, if we are here and now it is because yesterday we did certain acts and made decisions that have brought us to the present.

This reflection is given to you by the Magic Horoscope because the memories of another time will come to your memory, with an intensity that will almost seem to have just happened to you.

The important thing is that you accumulate life experiences, those that have made you an honest person who dresses by the feet, learning from those mistakes that are made even if you try not to do so.

The week will be especially interesting for singles who are already having interesting conversations (which doesn't have to be spicy) with someone else.

Because there are still more things you have in common than you could imagine in the beginning.


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You are entering a stage in which you will have to make your reading comprehension is optimal, exquisite, so that you can read in detail every document and every contract that comes into your hands.

In particular, try to understand everything if you are currently agreeing to the conditions of a divorce, or perhaps the dissolution of a company with a partner.

Discussions within the family to see which aspects do not fit into the economy can be enriching, without the blood reaching the river, and shedding light on what so far seems bleak.

In your work environment, try not to lose the desire to smile and to provoke them to do so, because it is an invaluable value.

You need someone to lift your spirits even in sad moments, and you will have that role for the next few days, as the stars predict.


The stars recommend that during this week you eat better and creatively, entering more into the kitchen than you usually do.

Look for recipes for balanced dishes that allow you to discover new flavors and textures, so you can see that taking care of yourself can be more than just fun.

Also, you should know that if there is an animal that will mediate for your health that will be bees. And not only because of the rich properties of their delicious honey, which is an ideal substitute for sugar.

But because bee venom can have active ingredients that you find interesting in certain beauty treatments.