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In those relationships in which a third person is involved, the walls to be demolished will be as powerful and hard as concrete.

Love is the most powerful weapon to fight problems, do not doubt this for a minute, but your patience may run out sooner rather than later.

And it is that, as you well know, there are matters that are not closed overnight, but you have to work hard on them, with care.

For singles, a new and very attractive person will make you lose your composure because you don't know how to resist their charms.

Perhaps there is an abyss between you two, but it will not be impossible for you to plant a seed together and from there a beautiful and very strong tree will come out to shade your rejoicing.

It will also be a good occasion to formulate new laws within the consolidated couples, extending liberties and credits.


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In principle, your material life will be stable during this week, which serves as a bridge between the months of February and March (and things will improve when you see the payment of your salary in your account, of course).

With a little tact, and being attentive to the signs, you'll be able to take a good bite out of important transactions.

Your business skills will be put to the test in a somewhat excessive way, and think that you don't just have to sell items if you work in a business.

The ideas that you have, those projects that you usually develop in sketches, also have a very great value, and sometimes you would not know how to sell them to the right person.

You could even classify yourself as a product, if you're looking for a job! Wise up and have someone buy you!


Don't think you're a person made of rock and fire with no risk of accidents. That doesn't mean that nothing is going to happen to you.

Simply that the Magic Horoscope requires you to be a more cautious person than usual so that your state of health and well-being is, if it can be, even brighter.

In fact, it will be important for you to avoid the flu and colds if they abound around you, so you should strive to improve your defenses.

Finally, in your diet, try to flavor dishes with garlic, because it has very interesting nutritional values, and besides, it couldn't be cheaper.