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Despite the immensity of your present happiness, avoid talking about your past and present relationships with others; discretion is the best way ahead, so do not give too much information away to people around you.

This does not mean that sometimes you have to talk long and hard with your loved one, to maybe soothe things out, or to create a new pathway to walk down together.

It will be interesting to find activities that you both carry out together for the first time, which will unite you more as a couple, such as an adventure sport outside in the fresh air, or even a trip to a destination that appeals to both of you.

Those singles should seek quality when it comes to love rather than quantity, and want to wake up with someone affectionate by their side.

Go out, let the world see for who you are, look at others beyond appearances and look inside people’s hearts.


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The last week of this month has finally arrived, before you know it, the fourth month of 2019 has vanished right in front of your eyes.

And you, who started off the year with wealth-making purposes, have realized that you do not have the physical time to knead it. Or, could you take it a little more serious?

The climate of the stars indicated that this period you should become more efficient at your work, assure good and healthy energy that will allow you to reach the end with happiness.

You will have to make calls and negotiations in order to save, so fight against your inner laziness and change your car insurance or bank company if not, your money will go to waste.

Because the key lies in thinking that you can always what we need cheaper somewhere else, whether it is a product or a service.



At some point this week, your resistance and patience will have to multiply by ten, and you will feel particularly young and alert.

Looking out for your health, enjoy outdoor sports such as running, jogging, or riding a bike whether it is up the mountains or down an urban park lane.

If you have just undergone surgery or medical treatment, your recovery will be spectacular and will allow you to be back on your feet and return to an almost normal life in no time.