Aries weekly horoscope. | Magic Horoscope


You're in for an emotion-soothing week to replace anxiety with calmness, and maybe even satisfaction while you're at it.

Under a general scope, most of the astral influences in your skies will allow you to achieve good goals as far as love is concerned. You could even let yourself go with good vibrations, enjoying the beauty of life with a passive attitude.

Romance will be all around you, and you could be surprised by falling into the sweet trance of love at first sight to cross your heart and soul with a couple of gorgeous smiles.

If there's something clear for you, Aries, it's the fact that you need to call things by their rightful name; using euphemisms or making double-meant statements won't be in your best interest.

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Your finances will be surrounded by good influences according to this week's prediction in the Magic Horoscope. You'll know how to fulfill your duties without breaking the bank too much, because you've got a mighty fine perspective of your situation.

Even if your belt is a few notches tighter than you'd want it to, you'll know how to juggle around with numbers and set some balance. This means you should keep a bit of a close eye when shopping, because you'll have to pick brands that are cheaper than your usual pick.

You'll be efficient at work, although tiredness could make you lose track on some days; then, you'll have to double your efforts to avoid anything bad from happening, because you don't need any managers telling you off.


You have several loose ends this week, so you should dose properly your energy and strength. If you start off on Monday hitting the pedal to the max, you might not even be able to pull your soul around by the time Friday or Saturday comes.

It's never too bad an idea to ask a healthcare expert for help to manage your stress if you feel it's taking over you and clouding your sights on reality.

Exercising is always great, but do activities that fit your age and situation better: your shape isn't the same it was 5 or 10 years back.